Rockford Pickleball

Dedicated to getting you on the court!

Learn the basics of pickleball in this two hour Quick-Start Intro class! All equipment is provided.  

Start your pickleball journey with  Beginner Lessons! All equipment is provided.  

Sign up for Little League and be coached by a Certified Pro while expanding your network of players! 

Sign up  for Skills & Drills to hone your serve, dink more consistently, and work on your footwork! 

Develop your forehand and backhand, drive and drop shot strategy, stacking, footwork for crosscourt dinking, and other techniques to improve your game. 

Book a Paddle Consultation for help selecting a paddle. Rockford area players may borrow four paddles for seven days without any cost to them!

Provide a unique event for your employees or customers! There are a multitude of details that go into planning, and we have the expertise to help you! From rental, to insurance, to equipment, and staffing — we have you covered!

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