Semi-Private Pickleball Lessons

Semi-Private lessons offer you the opportunity to have a student-instructor ratio of 2:1. This is a great lesson structure for tournament partners, friends, and couples!

Do you and your partner need some help ahead of a tournament? Do you need to develop your forehand? Do you need help with partner communication? Do you need help with footwork? Semi-Private lessons give you the opportunity to drill a particular skills and enhance your game. You can bring a topic to the lesson, or have the instructor give you options.

  • Skill: You can choose your skill focus for your lesson -

    • Serving / Returning the Serve

    • Forehand / Backhand

    • Dinks / Crosscourt Dinks

    • Drop Shots

    • Court Positioning / Footwork

    • Lobs / Overheads

    • Punch Volley / Block Volley

  • Where: Outdoor courts - Belvidere, Loves Park, or Rockford - your choice during booking!

  • Cost: $30 per hour ($15 / per student)

  • Payment methods: Payment can be made with cash, personal check, PayPal, or Venmo. You do not need to pay in advance, you may pay in person at the lesson. If your are paying via Venmo, it may ask you to confirm the last four digits of my phone number → 0586.

  • Booking: Use the booking calendar below here to book your lesson!

Booking Instructions

Booking your Semi-Private lesson: Use the booking calendar below here to find a date and time that works for your schedule. I am available in the evenings, and on weekends.

  • Step 1: Select your date; hint - the calendar only highlights available dates.

  • Step 2: Select your time; hint - the calendar only highlights available times. If you are booking a Mon-Fri evening timeslot, please be mindful of sunset.

  • Step 3: Select your desired location

After booking: You will receive an email confirmation from The confirmation email will include the date, time, and address of your booking.

Issues seeing the calendar on your mobile device? Use this calendar link.