What to Bring to Pickleball Lessons

🍓 Food:  Please eat a light snack 1 hour before class begins. This will help ensure you have enough energy in your tank for the lesson. An apple with peanut butter or a banana are fantastic natural fuels.  

👕 Clothing: Please wear something comfortable and stretchy to class. Layering is recommended. 

🧢 Hats: Wearing a hat with a bill is helpful in protecting your face from sun and errant balls. If an errant ball is hit towards your head, it is more likely to hit the bill of the cap than your face.  

👓 Glasses: If you do not wear eyeglasses you will be required to wear the provided safety glasses to protect your eyes during play. 

👟 Shoes: 

Please wear tennis shoes or court shoes that fasten with laces or Velcro.
► Sandals and slip-on shoes are prohibited.
► Running shoes and walking shoes are discouraged due to increased injury risk (rolling your ankle).  Those shoes are meant to move forward only. Pickleball has lateral movement and a court shoe is recommended. 

💧 Water: Hydration is important, please bring your own water bottle.  A minimum of 32 oz. is recommended for a 2-hour lesson.

🌳 Outdoor lessons: A hat, towel, wristband, sunglasses, and sunscreen. 

What to Expect at Pickleball Lessons

🤏Class Size: Class sizes are small to allow for personalized attention so you aren't lost in the shuffle.

🏓 Equipment: All paddles, balls, and training aids are provided. If you have your own paddle, feel free to bring it. 

👥 Players: You can expect to meet other players of similar skill level, and make new friends.

🏃‍♀️ Exercise:

Light dynamic movement to warm your muscles (5 minutes)
► The day's pickleball curriculum
► Cool down stretching (5 minutes) 

Inclusivity - Because It Matters

We are different together.  Read our Inclusivity Statement.

What do I need to know before pickleball lessons?

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