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Pickleball Tutor Rental

Why rent a pickleball ball machine? 

Pickleball Tutor Plus Machine Features:

Rental includes:

Rental details:

💲 Cost: $50 per day  — Frequent Dinkers: rent 3 times, get the 4th rental free!

💵 Payment: Secure credit card payment via Stripe during registration

💻 Booking: Use the Booking Link to book your rental! 

✔️Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation from notifications@koalendar.com. The confirmation email will include the date, time and address of your booking. If you need to change your booking, a link is provided in the confirmation email.

✖️ Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 12-hours before the start of the rental

Skills & Drills with a Pickleball Tutor

Practicing Dinking with Recovery


3rd Shot Drive and 5th Shot Drop

Swinging Volley


Return of Serve

2 Player, 3-Shot Drill

Target your Punch Volley