Tutor Rental

Pickleball Tutor Rental

Why rent a pickleball ball machine?

  1. Efficient use of time — Hit up to 4× as many balls as regular play.

  2. Flexibility — Use alone, or with practice partners.

  3. Focus — The best way to focus on a specific shot.

  4. Mixed abilities — Drill with friends of varying playing levels

  5. Fitness Provides a great aerobic workout.

Pickleball Tutor Plus Machine Features:

  • Ball Speed — Up to 65 mph

  • Ball Feed — Every second for quick volleys, up to every ten seconds

  • Random oscillation

  • Topspin and Backspin

  • Battery powered

Rental includes:

  1. Pickleball Tutor Plus Machine for 24 hours

  2. Outdoor pickleballs

  3. Poly spots that can be used for hitting targets and footwork drills

  4. Target Rings that can be laid on the ground or attached to the net

  5. Two Tourna Pickleball Tubes that pick-up 17 balls each

  6. Quick Start Manual of machine settings for common shots (volley, dropshot, crosscourt dink, etc.)

Rental details:

💲 Cost: $50 per day — Frequent Dinkers: rent 3 times, get the 4th rental free!

💵 Payment: Secure credit card payment via Stripe during registration

💻 Booking: Use the Booking Link to book your rental!

✔️Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation from notifications@koalendar.com. The confirmation email will include the date, time and address of your booking. If you need to change your booking, a link is provided in the confirmation email.

✖️ Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 12-hours before the start of the rental.

Skills & Drills with a Pickleball Tutor

Practicing Dinking with Recovery


3rd Shot Drive and 5th Shot Drop

Swinging Volley


Return of Serve

2 Player, 3-Shot Drill

Target your Punch Volley